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Clemens Eisserer Linuxhippy at web.de
Tue Jul 16 15:57:39 PDT 2002


There's still no "standard" in GNU-Java development. There are many 
small, incomplete (including kaffe/Swing) projavts lying around.
The kaffe-VM is a "not bad" VM which is slower the the sun-jdk but need 
less recources. As far as I know kaffe is the best and most complete 
Java-vm in the GNU-arrea.
To marry Classpath and Kaffe maybe will decrease features at teh 
beginning, but Kaffe is the most popular VM in the GNU-World and so many 
contributors wil contribute their code/classes to classpath. Maybe their 
also will be a swing-implemenation in the future.......

So moving to GNU-Classpath would have three advantages:

1. make a big, complete standard. This will help to be better acepted by 
the Linux-Community.
2. Make Kaffe better, because more Kaffe-developers could produce more 
and better vm-code instead coding classes.
3. maybe they could host us ....

And for those who dont want interpreted codem, their is gcj. Its also 
based on classpath and so widely compatible to Kaffe.

Mfg Linuxhippy

>>--- Valentin Valchev <v_valchev at prosyst.bg> wrote:
>>>By the way - don't you think that it woyld be
>>>easiest to maintain kaffe if it switch to GNU
>>>Classpath is already 1.2 compatible and there are
>>>some features from 1.4 implemented.
>>>Moving kaffe to classpath will force developers to
>>>focus on other more important issues like JIT
>>>optimizations, pluggable GC, more threads systems
>>>and ports to other OS/CPU.
>>Jim has said that he'd like to see kaffe running with
>>classpath libraries: 
>>Other people have expressed similar feelings again and
>>all it takes now is a volunteer ...
>>If you want to take a look at it, check out:
>>and get in touch with the classpath hackers.
>>Regarding other things you proposed: many exciting
>>things have been released as part of Transvirtual's
>>pocketlinux edition of kaffe. Especially in the "more
>>ports" section. If you think you could help out with
>>the merge, don't hesitate. There is enough merging
>>work left for everyone ;)
>>best regards,
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