[kaffe] Goodbye Klasses.jar

Dalibor Topic robilad at yahoo.com
Mon Jul 22 13:02:11 PDT 2002

--- Jim Pick <jim at kaffe.org> wrote:
> > One ramification of doing this is that kaffe needs
> to be in working
> > order in order to rebuild all the class libraries.
>  This might be a
> > problem on some architectures that aren't working
> very well yet.  In
> > those cases, the thing to do would be to build the
> rt.jar on another
> > architecture, and use that instead.  It should
> create some impetus to
> > fix those architectures, I hope.
> It definitely killed my Mac OS X build.  :-)

The SGI irix build dies during the recompile with:

gmake[1]: execvp: /bin/sh: Arg list too long
gmake[1]: *** [lib/stamp] Error 127

any idea how to fix this in an elegant way? Split the
args in half or more until it works? use xargs?

best regards,

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