[kaffe] Ongoing work: JIT port for IA-64

Svante Arvedahl exsvaar at softlab.se
Thu Jul 25 23:22:34 PDT 2002

Hi everyone!
I just wanted to announce that I'm working on porting the jit to ia64.
I've mentioned this in an email to Jim Pick earlier but I also wanted to
announce this officially. So far I've done the trampoline part.

It's a master thesis I'm doing. Those of you who are familiar with ia64
know that all optimization is up to the compiler and it's therefore
interesting to see what kind of performance you can get when you compile
in run time :)

Unfortunately 1.0.7 doesn't work on ia64 and I'm therefore using Gwenole
Beauchesne's CVS snapshot from August of last year and his patches for


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