[kaffe] Nightly build failure

Dalibor Topic robilad at yahoo.com
Fri Jul 26 03:24:33 PDT 2002

Hi Patrick,

--- Patrick Tullmann <tullmann at cs.utah.edu> wrote:
> FYI, an interesting failure in the Kaffe nightly
> build+check.
> ArrayForName failed an assert check in the 'jit3
> enable-debug' and the
> 'intrp enable-debug' configurations.  This is on a
> FreeBSD machine,
> but I doubt that's critical for this test.
> > FAIL: ArrayForName.java
> >    /kaffe/kaffevm/utf8const.c:141: failed
> assertion `utf8ConstIsValidUtf8(s, len)'
> I'm assuming this is related to the recent
> class-name-resolution
> changes, but who knows.  Probably just tickling a
> long-latent bug.  :)

I remember having to fix some class name vs. utf8
problems while I was preparing the patch, and I wasn't
sure if my fix was right. I'll look into it and try to
fix it for real this time.


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