[kaffe] problem about Kaffe run twice in one process

Qiujing Li qjli at hopen.com.cn
Mon Jun 3 20:02:43 PDT 2002


I want to run kaffe in my program in linux. I'd like to start kaffe as a thread in a process. After kaffe finishes, it will be requested to restart as a thread in the same process. However, the second time I run kaffe, it does not work. It seems kaffe is designed to run once and then exit to the system.   

I make some modification. It works when running single thread of Java Application. But multithreads Java Application stops in the second round of running. What i do is like this:
 configured kaffe --with-threads=unix-pthreads. Turn off two or three assertion in JNI_CreateJavaVM(). Set hashTable=0 and tLock=0. in the initialization

Is there anyone try this? Any advice is welcome.  Thanks in advance.


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