[kaffe] problem about Kaffe run twice in one process

Patrick Tullmann tullmann at cs.utah.edu
Tue Jun 4 18:31:34 PDT 2002

>    I want to run kaffe in my program in linux. I'd like to start
>    kaffe as a thread in a process. After kaffe finishes, it will be
>    requested to restart as a thread in the same process. However,
>    the second time I run kaffe, it does not work. It seems kaffe is
>    designed to run once and then exit to the system.

Yep.  Kaffe has lots of global state that it doesn't cleanup correctly
nor does it compartmentalize that state to allow multiple instances. 

You're probably best off creating the VM once, and then creating new
threads to enter the VM and leave the VM as you need.

> Turn off two or three assertion in JNI_CreateJavaVM(). 

Those assertions were trying to tell you something...


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