[kaffe] Placing kaffe on embedded devices

Alexander Popov s_popov at prosyst.bg
Wed Jun 5 02:17:35 PDT 2002

I usually strip all the classes that I don't need, this saves me more 
than 1MB from the rt.jar, then I remove the librarries that I don't need 
and strip all other libs and binaries (from the Binaries I leave only 

Maybe it'll be a good idea to exetnd the power of the configure script 
in order to use only the library functions and classes needed by a 
certain application.
Further a speccial tool can be created that analyses the classes needed 
by a certain application and strips all the others ( both from the 
native libs and the jars). Couple of embedded VMs already have such 

cfowler wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm currently looking for Kaffe to work on my embedded device.  I would
> like suggestions from those who have done this.  My goal is to get kaffe
> as small as possible.  I have replaced all the shell scripts with
> wrappers written in C.  I do not have full shel functionality on my
> device so this was needed.  
> Thanks,
> Chris
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