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Thu Jun 6 02:32:31 PDT 2002

Hi alexander, hi chris,
--- Alexander Popov <s_popov at prosyst.bg> wrote:
> cfowler wrote:
> > One last question.  I know that javac in Sin's JDK
> has an -g:none option
> > that allows me to compile java files with no debug
> code.  Can I do that
> > in my kaffe-1.0.6 tree so that the Klasses.jar can
> take even less space?
> I don't know - as much as I saw the actual classes
> compilation can be 
> done by an external compiler which means that you
> probably can use javac 
>   with -g:none (check the rebuildLib script in
> libraries/javalib - the 
> $JIKES var probably can be set to "javac -g:none"
> )...
> You should probably ask Dalibor about that...

It's actually in the documentation ;)
FAQ/FAQ.classlibrary-compile should show you the way.


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