[kaffe] Bug in FileInputStream

Jukka Santala jsantala at tml.hut.fi
Mon Jun 10 01:14:38 PDT 2002

On Sun, 9 Jun 2002, Patrick Tullmann wrote:
> I fixed this, and some related problems on FileOutputStream (its
> constructors were throwing IOException when they may only throw
> FileNotFoundException, and a 1.4 constructor taking (File, boolean)
> was missing).  I expanded your test case a bit, too, and gave it the

JDK 1.1 API has the constructors only throwing IOException, though; since
Kaffe doesn't support full Java2, it is more likely to be ran with JDK 1.1
applications. Eventually I don't expect this to make a huge difference,
since FNF is a sub-class of IO, but just to note that those are not
"problems", they're API-upgrades which might lead to compatibility
problems. It might be a good time to consider that JDK1.1/Java2 builds
system, but (un)fortunately Java doesn't come with direct #define

> As an aside, I think we need some sort of process for checking in
> patches during a "freeze" like this.  Perhaps if two additional people
> sign off on it, and there are no other comments for two days then the
> patch can be checked in?

I don't think it's worth the trouble right now, the project isn't so big
it should be intentionally boggled down with bureocracy and waiting
periods. Most of us can immediately see the importance of different
patches. But perhaps it would be a good idea to more generally state the
philosophy for accepted patches to different branches.

Considering the present release is titled "release candidate", it would
make sense to allow only patches to critical problems that can't wait.
This would likely include fixing things that worked in last release but
don't work anymore, and maybe select fixes for interoperability with
important software (OS or Java packages). It appears all bug-fixes have
been accepted (Well, all patches actually). Ofcourse, your patch contains
API updates that aren't really bug-fixes ;)

In conclusion, I don't think it makes whole lot of difference for the
present release, but in future I'd like to see 1) Bug tracking system for
flagging bugs as required for next release, for future release, etc. 2)
Intermediate beta/development releases, 3) Only critical showstopper fixes
to Release Candidates.

 -Jukka Santala

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