[kaffe] Bug in FileInputStream

Patrick Tullmann tullmann at cs.utah.edu
Mon Jun 10 12:13:11 PDT 2002

Jukka wrote:
> JDK 1.1 API has the constructors only throwing IOException, though;
> since Kaffe doesn't support full Java2, it is more likely to be ran
> with JDK 1.1 applications.

Actually, I didn't change the exception signature of the constructors.
There was already code that mapped any IOExceptions to
FileNotFoundExceptions, and the signature on the FileInputStream
constructors was already for a FileNotFoundException.  I did make
FileOutputStream consistent with FileInputStream,
though. (FileOutputStream had a single constructor that threw
IOException, the other 2 threw FileNotFoundException.)

I think the way the libraries have been written to this point, is to
follow the most recent available spec as much as possible.  I think
trying to support different versions of the JDK spec is probably far
more work than we can do.  And, I think postponing changes that bring
in recent updates is not productive.  If an app doesn't work with
Kaffe because Kaffe's libraries are out of date, that's a bug.
Perhaps its a big bug (like lack of NIO support, or broken weak
references), but its just a bug.

> Considering the present release is titled "release candidate", it
> would make sense to allow only patches to critical problems that
> can't wait.

Yeah, Dalibor had the same reaction.  That's the two votes I was
looking for.  :) (They're both "no" votes in this case, but that's

I guess we should at least mention the problem in the Known Bugs
file, then?  
	FileInputStream does not throw an exception when passed a
	directory (either as a File or a String name of a directory).


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