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Dalibor Topic robilad at yahoo.com
Mon Jun 10 15:02:00 PDT 2002

--- Patrick Tullmann <tullmann at cs.utah.edu> wrote:
> Jukka wrote:
> I think the way the libraries have been written to
> this point, is to
> follow the most recent available spec as much as
> possible.  I think

Yes, as far as I'm concerned ;)

> trying to support different versions of the JDK spec
> is probably far
> more work than we can do.  And, I think postponing

there has been demand for different flavors of kaffe's
class libraries, i.e. profiles like CDC. That's not
too hard to achive as long as the separation happens
at the package level. But basic classes like
java.lang.Class use reflection to their work, so in
the jdk 1.1 case you end up having to include features
from 1.2 in your profile, or to hack the sources.

Supporting different versions of the spec is a
different story, due to bugs in the spec often being
only fixed in later versions. So in my eyes it's
preferrable to hold on to the latest spec you can get,
filling the gaps with the Java Class Libraries books
by Chan, Lee & Kramer .

> changes that bring
> in recent updates is not productive.  If an app
> doesn't work with
> Kaffe because Kaffe's libraries are out of date,
> that's a bug.

I don't think there is a "postponing new features"
policy in place. If you look through the library code,
you'll find features from 1.0. to 1.3. Contributions
implementing features specified in 1.4 are most
welcome . They are also welcome during a "feature
freeze" before a release, they just don't get commited
immediately ;)

> Perhaps its a big bug (like lack of NIO support, or
> broken weak
> references), but its just a bug.

I agree. Contributions fixing these bugs, or
implementing java 2d, or swing are most welcome. Or
any other jdk 1.4 package we are lacking. The same
goes for volunteers wanting to help with the merge of
pocketlinux and janosvm fixes.

> > Considering the present release is titled "release
> candidate", it
> > would make sense to allow only patches to critical
> problems that
> > can't wait.
> Yeah, Dalibor had the same reaction.  That's the two
> votes I was
> looking for.  :) (They're both "no" votes in this
> case, but that's
> fine.)
> I guess we should at least mention the problem in
> the Known Bugs
> file, then?  
> 	FileInputStream does not throw an exception when
> passed a
> 	directory (either as a File or a String name of a
> directory).

Thanks for keeping an eye on these things, I'll add it
to the known bugs file on the rc branch. I'll keep it
the way it is for trunk, and simply apply the patch as
soon as 1.0.7 is out, i.e. soon.


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