[kaffe] Mauve test results

Dalibor Topic robilad at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 12 10:16:18 PDT 2002

--- Audeon Guillaume <AUDEONG at thmulti.com> wrote:

> > > FAIL: uncaught exception loading
> gnu.testlet.java.io.PrintStream.subclass
> > 
> > This is because it tries to construct a
> PrintStream with a null 
> > OutputStream.  Now, some jvm seem to throw an
> exception because of the
> > null and others don't...
> AFAIK, the JDK 1.1 specs does not mention that the
> constructor shall
> throw an exception if it is given the null argument.
> But that's what does the Sun implementation;-)
> And in addition, PrintStream is deprecated in JDK
> 1.1.

hm. the java class libraries book says "non-null"
output stream explicitely, so I think that's a bug in
mauve. I'll send them a patch.


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