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I've run mauve from cvs & kaffe from cvs trunk, and
used the perl script from japhar to generate html.
That html has then been cleaned up by jtidy on kaffe
to produce the attached file.

If you want to produce yourself, you should

a) get mauve from CVS

b) get kaffe from CVS

c) get mauve-html-gen.pl from japhar VM

d) configure mauve to run with kaffe like :
./configure JAVA=<path to kaffe> JAVAC=<path to kjc>

e) run the tests piping the output into the perl
script with blurbs about tests and configuration like
make check KEYS="JDK1.1" TESTFLAGS="-verbose" |
../../mauve-html-gen.pl "for JDK 1.1 tests" "Obtained
running kaffe from CVS head on <checkout date> on
mauve from CVS head on <checkout date> on <platform>
using <engine> engine <off|on>line" > test.html

f) wait. JDK 1.0 should be finished within a couple of
minutes, JDK 1.1 may take up to 4 hours (on my old
P200+). If you are wondering why: that's because the
verbose output is required for the perl script to
perform its magic. 3.5 million tests times (just a
guess) 40 characters amounts to a massive amount of
work for kaffe's System.out. The perl script might be
inefficient, too, as it uses approximately 50
megabytes of memory in the end to do its work.

g) get JTidy

h) run JTidy to clean up the html:
kaffe -jar Tidy.jar -ium -asxml test.html  

i) bzip2 it and send it my way

Why offline and online matters: some java.net.* tests
try to reach www.gnu.org, and other servers online.
those tests will fail when you are offline.

Where this is heading: into detailed mauve
compatibility pages for each platform and

We could have a make check-mauve if someone volunteers
to do it. Or a script like FullTest.sh that would do
all of the above.


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