[kaffe] More mauve results

Jim Pick jim at kaffe.org
Sun Jun 16 10:38:23 PDT 2002

Very nice.  Remind me to put this on the website (give me a week or so).


 - Jim

On Wed, 2002-06-12 at 10:08, Dalibor Topic wrote:
> hi,
> I've run mauve from cvs & kaffe from cvs trunk, and
> used the perl script from japhar to generate html.
> That html has then been cleaned up by jtidy on kaffe
> to produce the attached file.
> If you want to produce yourself, you should
> a) get mauve from CVS
> b) get kaffe from CVS
> c) get mauve-html-gen.pl from japhar VM
> d) configure mauve to run with kaffe like :
> ./configure JAVA=<path to kaffe> JAVAC=<path to kjc>
> e) run the tests piping the output into the perl
> script with blurbs about tests and configuration like
> :
> make check KEYS="JDK1.1" TESTFLAGS="-verbose" |
> ../../mauve-html-gen.pl "for JDK 1.1 tests" "Obtained
> running kaffe from CVS head on <checkout date> on
> mauve from CVS head on <checkout date> on <platform>
> using <engine> engine <off|on>line" > test.html
> f) wait. JDK 1.0 should be finished within a couple of
> minutes, JDK 1.1 may take up to 4 hours (on my old
> P200+). If you are wondering why: that's because the
> verbose output is required for the perl script to
> perform its magic. 3.5 million tests times (just a
> guess) 40 characters amounts to a massive amount of
> work for kaffe's System.out. The perl script might be
> inefficient, too, as it uses approximately 50
> megabytes of memory in the end to do its work.
> g) get JTidy
> h) run JTidy to clean up the html:
> kaffe -jar Tidy.jar -ium -asxml test.html  
> i) bzip2 it and send it my way
> Why offline and online matters: some java.net.* tests
> try to reach www.gnu.org, and other servers online.
> those tests will fail when you are offline.
> Where this is heading: into detailed mauve
> compatibility pages for each platform and
> architecture.
> We could have a make check-mauve if someone volunteers
> to do it. Or a script like FullTest.sh that would do
> all of the above.
> cheers,
> dalibor topic
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