[kaffe] Patch for PS2/Linux

Dylan Schell dylans at xs4all.nl
Sat Jun 15 15:33:22 PDT 2002

These are the changes I made to get the interpreter to run on
PS2/Linux. I've added a switch to configure.in to enable my changes.
(--enable-ps2linux) Bear with me here, since I've never worked with
configure scripts before, so if anything needs changing, let me know.
I created the diff before running autoconf to keep the patch clean.

The only point bothering me about the patch right now is that my C is a 
little rusty and my changes in o32-sysdepCallMethod.h could also be done 
with a typecast.

The only testcases that fail are those that expect correct sign of
zero, NaN and Inf.

The JIT would run if the current kernel wasn't broken in the FP 
department. Work is underway to fix this. As soon as the kernel is
fixed the JIT should also work on the PS2 ( and the patch for
o32-sysdeCallMethod.h can go away as well)

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