"Freeze" (was Re: [kaffe] Bug in FileInputStream)

Jim Pick jim at kaffe.org
Sun Jun 16 10:01:10 PDT 2002

> As an aside, I think we need some sort of process for checking in
> patches during a "freeze" like this.  Perhaps if two additional people
> sign off on it, and there are no other comments for two days then the
> patch can be checked in?

I did a branch for the release "Release_1_0_7_Branch", so feel free to
check stuff in on the cvs head.  There isn't really a "freeze" (although
I'd prefer any major changes/reorganizing to wait until after 1.0.7).

As for checking stuff in on the branch, I think we should try to not do
that, unless it's a bug that affects a lot of applications (or a very
important one), or if it's something like a compile fix for a specific
platform.  Keep in mind that I'd like to have a "Release Candidate" out
for a few days of testing to give everybody a chance to try it before
I'll consider making that the final release.  Each time something
changes in the branch, we'll want to do more testing, so the less
changes, the better.

I'm going to try to get RC2 out today (I'm hoping it will be good enough
to be the final release in a week or so).  I'm still trying to get my
own act together, w.r.t. testing, organizing bugs, reading emails, etc.,
so the whole release process is going slower than I'd hope.  Hopefully,
I'll get organized enough that we can speed up the releases in the
future - a developer release should take no time (being just a
snapshot), and a production release (eg. 1.0.8) should take 2-3 weeks.


 - Jim

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