Bugs (was Re: [kaffe] Bug in FileInputStream)

Jim Pick jim at kaffe.org
Sun Jun 16 10:14:50 PDT 2002

I agree 100% with what Dalibor just said.  Bug reporting systems work OK
sometimes, depending on the situation, but I think the type of bugs
submitted against Kaffe tend to be of a nature where they tend to get
lost in such a system.

I'm going to try hard to personally keep a bug queue (in my email
program) based on what's been posted to the list.  If a fix doesn't show
up on the scene within a few days, then we can update FAQ.Known-Bugs
(and possibly add a call for help to the Projects page on the website). 
Inevitably, some bug reports might fall through the cracks, but
hopefully not many.

If it's not in FAQ.Known-Bugs, then it's probably just too new to get
added, or I lost it.  Right now, I'm still getting up-to-speed, so I
haven't been updating the document much yet.  I do have a few bugs still
that I need to write up.  I wanted to play around a bit more with doing
some random testing just so I can get a better "feel" of where we're at.

If a bug doesn't get added against FAQ.Known-Bugs after a week or so,
then file a bug against me.  :-)


 - Jim

On Mon, 2002-06-10 at 13:41, Dalibor Topic wrote:

> I'll take this opportunity to rant a little bit about
> bug tracking systems:
> I don't think bug tracking systems work that well for
> small projects like this (<10 active developers) which
> are getting a low number of bug reports (< 10 per
> week). They are great when you are getting a lot of
> bug reports every day, and have people that take care
> of misfiled bugs, contacting people reporting bugs,
> and so on.
> Kaffe.org doesn't seem to ;) The latest bug database
> that kaffe.org had, died what seems to be a long and
> silent death with over 200 entries in the incoming
> queue.
> That's why I prefer to see people email their bug
> reports to the mailing list, where they get feedback
> and the things are usually resolved quickly. Most bug
> reports are not really useable in their original form,
> and it takes a few mails to clarify the issue. That's
> easier to do when you are dealing with emails, instead
> of web forms. Finally, if you are having trouble with
> kaffe crashing on on an "esoteric" platform, your
> chances are higher to find somebody who can help you
> if you report the bug to the mailing list with a
> catchy subject, then if you file it into an anonymous
> bug tracking system.
> Flagging bugs is all nice and well, but it won't get
> them fixed. If a bug matters to someone, he/she should
> raise the problem a couple of times until its fixed,
> or submit a patch.
> Rant over ;)
> cheers,
> dalibor topic
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