[kaffe] tomcat3.2.3 doesn't work properly on Kaffe-1.0.6-6

Tatsuya Tsurukawa turukawa at isl.melco.co.jp
Wed Jun 26 03:47:38 PDT 2002

Hi Dalibor,

Thank you for your kind suggestions !
I could run apache-soap properly according to your instructions !!

Dalibor Topic wrote:
>hi Tatsuya,
>--- Tatsuya Tsurukawa <turukawa at isl.melco.co.jp>
>> I also found the following code included in
>> Apache-SOAP 
>> RPCRouterServlet.java replies different value
>> depending on JVM. 
>> public void init() throws ServletException {
>>     ClassLoader servletClassLoader =
>> getClass().getClassLoader();
>> Does anybody know the reason why null is returned,
>> and are there any
>> work arounds ?
>I gave explanation wgy null is returned in another
>mail, now to the workaround:
>* get soap 2.3.1 sources
>* comment out the lines 136-146 of 
>RPCRouterServlet.java. they make an assumption that is
>wrong on current kaffe (servletClassLoader != null).
>* rebuild the whole thing, including the war file.
>Note that you can't build the war file using kaffe
>since some files use swing, and they also use methods
>in java.awt.Point and java.awt.Dimension inherited
>from their java.awt.geom. parents. Kaffe doesn't
>implement the geom packages.
>* deploy it and have it running
>I got a couple of the samples to run, I didn't bother
>testing the samples requiring an internet connection.
>best regards
>dalibor topic
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Best regards,
Tatsuya Tsurukawa

Tatsuya   turukawa at isl.melco.co.jp

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