[kaffe] tomcat3.2.3 doesn't work properly on Kaffe-1.0.6-6

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Mon Jun 24 18:11:48 PDT 2002

hi Tatsuya,

--- Tatsuya Tsurukawa <turukawa at isl.melco.co.jp>
> I also found the following code included in
> Apache-SOAP 
> RPCRouterServlet.java replies different value
> depending on JVM. 
> public void init() throws ServletException {
>     ClassLoader servletClassLoader =
> getClass().getClassLoader();

> Does anybody know the reason why null is returned,
> and are there any
> work arounds ?

I gave explanation wgy null is returned in another
mail, now to the workaround:
* get soap 2.3.1 sources

* comment out the lines 136-146 of 
RPCRouterServlet.java. they make an assumption that is
wrong on current kaffe (servletClassLoader != null).

* rebuild the whole thing, including the war file.
Note that you can't build the war file using kaffe
since some files use swing, and they also use methods
in java.awt.Point and java.awt.Dimension inherited
from their java.awt.geom. parents. Kaffe doesn't
implement the geom packages.

* deploy it and have it running

I got a couple of the samples to run, I didn't bother
testing the samples requiring an internet connection.

best regards

dalibor topic

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