VerifyError in PushbackReader

Erik Corry erik at
Sun Mar 17 07:53:42 PST 2002

On Sat, Mar 16, 2002 at 05:27:05PM -0800, Archie Cobbs wrote:
> Erik Corry writes:
> > Whenever I try to run a program (javac, HelloWorld, appletviewer)
> > I get the same error:
> > 
> > java.lang.VerifyError: at pc 5 sp 7 not in range [4, 6]
> >     at<init>(
> >     at<init>(
> >     at<init>(
> >     at at.dms.kjc.Main.parseFile(
> >     at
> >     at at.dms.kjc.Main.compile(
> >     at at.dms.kjc.Main.main(
> I'm pretty sure it's a verifier problem. I've seen this before,
> and when I sent the classfile to the jikes people, they said it
> looked fine to them.
> You might try rebuilding Klasses.jar with jikes or kjc (whichever
> wasn't used before) as a possible workaround..

Anyone know what was used before?  I have jikes 1.13 installed.
How do I rebuild Klasses.jar?

If it's a compiler problem, then the error message is very misleading.
I just compiled with -DDEBUG, and the error message went away, but
now all programs terminate 'normally' without doing anything.  Here's
the last part of the output of HelloWorld, running with


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