VerifyError in PushbackReader

Mark Wielaard mark at
Sun Mar 17 10:35:11 PST 2002


On Sun, 2002-03-17 at 18:07, Carlos Valiente wrote: 
> I couldn't find jikes-1.15b in
> Is it available somewhere else?

It was a special release made by Eric Blake when we tested the GNU
Classpath 0.03 release (we observed the same sort of verification
errors). From the INSTALL file:

        - IBM jikes 1.15b+.  You may have success with 1.13, but other
          versions will fail.  Until jikes 1.16 is released, you will
          have to use CVS access and build jikes 1.15b yourself:
          cvs -d :pserver:anoncvs at login
            (password anoncvs)
          cvs co -r v1-15b jikes

If you are running Debian GNU/Linux unstable/sid then you can also just
do an apt-get install jikes. Otherwise download a binary package from



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