Most popular applications?

Stuart Ballard sballard at NetReach.Net
Thu Mar 21 09:13:42 PST 2002

Jim Pick wrote:
> 1) Tomcat: - for running servlets

And JSP pages

> 2) Jython: - see the note saying it doesn't work with
> Kaffe at

I definitely agree with your 1 and 2 picks in a general "what's
important" sense, even though I'm not using either personally right now. 

Things I *am* using right now:

Apache JServ and GNUJSP (sorry, my site was developed before Tomcat was
credibly stable). and

And while we're going for server-side stuff, we should try to make sure
as many JDBC bindings work as possible (Oracle and PostgreSQL are the
ones that matter to me personally).

Things I'm not using right now but think would be important in general
and possibly for me in the future:

JBoss seems to have some momentum these days and I might be using it in
the future.

Also, the other Jakarta projects: Ant seems very widely used, Struts is
something I've been looking into for future use, etc.

By the way, have you given any thought to improving cooperation with the
GNU Classpath project? I realize that currently the licensing is
probably an insurmountable goal to actually merging Kaffe's class
library with Classpath, but it would be nice to be able to configure
Kaffe to run --with-classpath, if such a thing were possible.
Duplication of effort on such a large problem as the Java libraries
seems so tragically wasteful.


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