Most popular applications?

Jim Pick jim at
Thu Mar 21 08:41:15 PST 2002


I want to compile a list of what people feel are the most important Java
applications that people will be using kaffe to run.

I'd like to use the list to do some experimenting and testing.

I'll start off the list:

1) Tomcat: - for running servlets
2) Jython: - see the note saying it doesn't work with
Kaffe at
3) ....  I'm not going to list too many myself - I want to see what other
people are running, or want to run

I'm going to take this list, install the software, and try to make it work.
If we can identify some small fixes we can slip into the release to enable a
few more major apps to run, then it will be a worthwhile exercise.


 - Jim

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