Interesting results...

Jim Pick jim at
Thu Mar 21 20:36:43 PST 2002

> Short answer: as soon as someone with CVS write access does it, it will be
> done. Long answer: we had some problems with the CVS server, and trouble
> picking the right version of jikes that generated a Klasses.jar file that
> just worked for everyone. Now that you've verified that everything works
> again with good old "lucky number" release of jikes (1.13), it's just a
> matter of one of the core developers getting that version, installing it
> recompiling the class library.

Archie check in a version of Klasses.jar compiled with 1.13 (sorry, cvs
commits aren't being posted to the mailing list at the moment because I need
to fix the script).

It seems to work for me with Linux.  I tried cygwin too, but had some
compile probs I'll have to investigate later.


 - Jim

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