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Thu Mar 21 13:21:24 PST 2002

On Thursday, 21. March 2002 17:30, Mason Loring Bliss wrote:
> On Thu, Mar 21, 2002 at 08:02:11AM +0100, Erik Corry wrote:
> Ah. I hadn't dug into the build infrastructure yet, and I blindly assumed
> that "make" in kaffe/libraries/javalib would give me Klasses.jar, and I
> assumed that since it went as quick as it did, it had stopped after the
> first warning.

Building Klasses.jar is explained in FAQ/FAQ.classlibrary-compile. Jikes is 
written in C++ and is very fast compared to javac or kjc. Unfortunately, the 
latest version has a couple of showstopper bugs that you got to experience 
first hand. Sorry about that.

> If Klasses.jar is toasty for everyone, would it perhaps make sense for
> a corrected version to be committed?

Yes. :)

Short answer: as soon as someone with CVS write access does it, it will be 
done. Long answer: we had some problems with the CVS server, and trouble 
picking the right version of jikes that generated a Klasses.jar file that 
just worked for everyone. Now that you've verified that everything works 
again with good old "lucky number" release of jikes (1.13), it's just a 
matter of one of the core developers getting that version, installing it and 
recompiling the class library.

> I'm still dead new to Java and class library layout, so I'm not quite
> sure where javac fits into things - it seems to be doing the same thing
> Jikes does, and it's certainly working, which makes me wonder if it could
> actually produce itself now that I've bootstrapped it with Jikes... I

Here's a short introduction to java compilers:
* jikes: C++ based, fast, open source.
* javac: java based, part of sun's java development kit, proprietary (i guess 
the source is available under one of the pseudo-open source licenses from 
* kjc: part of the kopi project, java based, free software (GPL).
* gcj: part of gcc 3.0, c/c++ based, free software (GPL).
* kopisusu: fork of kopi 1.4F. seems to have fallen asleep.

there are a few other compilers around, but those are the major ones out 

kaffe provides additional tools beyound the virtual machine, just like the 
proprietary java development kits do. There are scripts in a kaffe 
installation that allow it and the tools to be used under those popular 
names. Kaffe ships with kjc as the java compiler, which can be conveniently 
called via the javac script.

Finally, kjc should be able to compile itself under kaffe. You need to get 
the sources from first. have fun :)

> On Thu, Mar 21, 2002 at 12:52:08PM +0100, Dalibor Topic wrote:

> Is kjc a separate project? And, by javac, do you mean Sun's javac?

Yes, in that case I meant sun's javac.

> Do we build kjc.jar as part of Kaffe? I'm not seeing how to build it from
> the source tree I've got here.

We don't build kjc as part of kaffe. We just use a precompiled jar file.

hope this helps.

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