Most popular applications?

Stuart Ballard sballard at NetReach.Net
Thu Mar 21 13:18:45 PST 2002

Jim Pick wrote:
> Maybe Classpath might even become the default class library for Kaffe,
> if that's what people want to use.  But I don't see any good reason to
> completely scrap Kaffe's current class libs either.

But you don't see any hope of getting Kaffe's libraries relicensed under
GPL+Exception so that code from them can be merged into Classpath?

Of course, that's not your decision, and I assume there are multiple
copyright holders involved. But if Transvirtual is still unwilling to
make the exception, then it doesn't matter what any other potential
copyright holders might or might not think anyway...

I don't seriously expect a positive answer to this :) But you can't deny
it would be nice...


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