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Jim Pick jim at
Thu Mar 21 13:53:51 PST 2002

On Thu, 2002-03-21 at 13:18, Stuart Ballard wrote:
> Jim Pick wrote:
> > 
> > Maybe Classpath might even become the default class library for Kaffe,
> > if that's what people want to use.  But I don't see any good reason to
> > completely scrap Kaffe's current class libs either.
> But you don't see any hope of getting Kaffe's libraries relicensed under
> GPL+Exception so that code from them can be merged into Classpath?
> Of course, that's not your decision, and I assume there are multiple
> copyright holders involved. But if Transvirtual is still unwilling to
> make the exception, then it doesn't matter what any other potential
> copyright holders might or might not think anyway...
> I don't seriously expect a positive answer to t his :) But you can't deny
> it would be nice...

I doubt that's going to happen, as I said before.  Transvirtual licenses
the same libraries for proprietary use, so it's pretty unlikely that
they'll be released under a looser license than the GPL (especially the

It's probably a moot point at this time anyways, as I think Classpath is
pretty complete (although I haven't ever really looked at it closely). 
The damage (if you can call it that) has already been done, and now the
free software community has 2 class library implementations which
basically do the same thing.  It's duplication, but I guess it's better
to have two implementations rather than zero implementations.  :-)

I'd love to see both Classpath and Kaffe's class libraries made to be
interoperable, compatible and switchable.


 - Jim

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