Planning for next release (1.0.7)

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Thu Mar 21 12:11:31 PST 2002

Hi Jim,

On Thursday, 21. March 2002 16:04, Jim Pick wrote:
>  1) Solicit feedback on what should be in the release

* A recompiled Klasses.jar that works.
* An updated kaffe/kaffevm/inflate.c if it suffers from the zlib security bug.
* Small & obvious patches from distribution vendors.
* i64 platform patch from mandrake. Has "cool new feature" written all over 
it and the developer announced it on the mailing list a couple of months ago.

- what not:
* implementation from JanosVM. It is a major enhancement that 
should not just be rushed in. Leave something for 1.0.8 in 2-3 months :)
* s390 platform patch from debian. It is apparently broken.

> For future releases, I'd like to propose a version numbering scheme similar
> to what's used for the Linux kernel.  eg. Even minor version numbers =

I thought if you're downloading straight from CVS you were on the bleeding 
edge anyway :)

Version numbers are just multisets with < semantics for me. That being said, 
we could use the Linux version numbering scheme, if there is
a) interest in maintaining an actively developing stable branch, or
b) a lot of experimental development ahead.

I am not sure if the number of developers is big enough to support parallel 
development on two trees. But if/when we fold in changes from JanosVM & 
pocketlinix etc. there will be a lot of experimental development. Currently 
many users (i.e. people who are not developing for/with kaffe) seem to use 
the CVS version, since 1.0.6 is way behind what's in CVS now. If we release 
early, often & remain stable, then those users will probably switch back to 
using releases, without being intimidated by the varying degree of stability 
in the CVS version. In that case, there would be no real need for a specific 
development branch.

But then, it's a big IF, so having a specific bleeding edge development 
branch might be useful anyway. Count this answer as undecided, but supportive 

dalibor topic

P.S. Dedicating a release to Edouard is a very good idea.

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