[kaffe] Problem when trying to run in debug mode

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Fri May 3 07:02:43 PDT 2002

Hi Partha,

--- Parthasarathy G
<parthasarathy.gopalakrishnan at wipro.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> Thanks for the help, now I am able to compile the
> bleeding version.
> I am trying to run Kaffe in debugger mode :-
> 1. executed ./configure --prefix=<dir name>
> --enable-xdebugging
> 2. After that did make followed by make install.
> 3. Then set the KAFFE_DEBUG flag to gdb by command
> export KAFFE_DEBUG =gdb
> 4. Now, even if I give java/javac command It give
> set" as output.
> What could be the reason for this problem?

It's a known bug. Check out the relevant part from
Patrick Tullmann's patch :

and apply only the part that fixes the issue. Please
tell us if it works, as Patrick has report some
problems with the patch on the list, althoug I'm not
sure if they apply to that part.

If that fails, you could just set 
KAFFE_DEBUG_TEMPFILE to some unique file name, that
should work, too. :)

best regards,

dalibor topic

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