[kaffe] bootclassloader vs. SystemClassLoader problems

Godmar Back gback at Stanford.EDU
Fri May 3 11:39:57 PDT 2002

> Is there a safe point during class loading when I can
> "reset" the class->loader field to the
> SystemClassLoader?

No, don't tamper with that field.

You need to load applications with their own class loader 
(an implementation of which should be floating around 
somewhere in kaffe.* or I believe java.net.URLClassLoader
if Kaffe implements that.)

This class loader must delegate to the bootstrap
classloader (the one implemented in C in kaffevm/ for which
class->loader is null) for all java.* and kaffe.* classes,
but load all other class itself from the application classpath---
just like a user-defined classloader would.

	- Godmar

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