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Mon May 20 12:36:08 PDT 2002

--- Jukka Santala <jsantala at tml.hut.fi> wrote:
> On Mon, 20 May 2002, Dalibor Topic wrote:
> > As far as I know the Classpath project (and gcj)
> have
> > a Java 2d implementation, you might want to look
> > there. Finally, you could still write your own :)
> > Especially if you are interested in hacking on
> kaffe.
> Last I checked, Classpath & gcj didn't even have
> working AWT, so I kinda
> doubt that. Certainly it's on their agenda. Also,
> since Java2D requires
> quite deep VM/JNI level integration (What with all
> alpha-channels etc.)
> it's impossible to get working Java2D in Kaffe by
> swapping bytecode only.
> At least the Custom Edition doesn't even have
> backend graphics libraries
> that could support Java2D; I suspect this is more or
> less the case with
> the desktop edition too, ie. all the internals are
> missing.

I just checked out the classpath tree, and it has some
classes in java.awt.color, java.awt.geom, and
java.awt.print, and a few classes from java.awt (like
AlphaComposite.java, that seem to be related to java
2d). I don't know if they have the whole thing
running, but at least a good deal of the foundation
seems to be there.
> It would certainly be of interest to get it working,
> though; SVG for
> example is specsed almost exactly to Java2D API, and
> I'm not sure the new
> SVG 1.1 version is going to improve things that
> much. If you have the
> choice (Ie. it's not by specification or similiar),
> it would probably make
> more sense to just not use Java2D API in your own
> programs, though. I
> think there are no non-Sun implementations out right
> now, and it'll
> certainly be a pain to add to whatever JDK you're
> using at any given time.

I fully agree. If anyone thinks about doing Java 2d
imlpementation in their free time, then please get
yourself a good book on computational geometry,
understand it, and then think again ;)


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