[kaffe] The trouble with Klasses.jar

Jim Pick jim at kaffe.org
Tue May 28 08:24:06 PDT 2002

I agree 100%.  That'll be one of the first things that I fix after I get
1.0.7-rc1 branched and released (I failed to finish everything yesteday,
I'll definitely have it done today). 


- Jim 

On Tue, 2002-05-28 at 00:41, Dalibor Topic wrote: 
> A regular source of bug reports seems to be the state
> of Klasses.jar: it is usually a few patches behind the
> source code. You are probably wondering why
> Klasses.jar is not updated more regularly.
> a) it is a generated file. You can "make Klasses" it
> yourself.
> b) it is large. Every update of Klasses.jar eats away
> ~1 MB on the CVS server.
> c) it is large. Every update of Klasses.jar makes
> people cvs updating transfer 1 MB of stuff that will
> be out of sync with the source soon anyway.
> d) it does not stay current for long. Currently there
> is at least one patch for java libraries every week.
> Unless there are platforms where making the
> Klasses.jar file is impossible for some reason, I'd
> like to propose the following scheme of things:
> a) "make Klasses" should become a mandatory part of
> the make process. Preferably using the supplied kjc
> compiler, since surving the Klasses.jar compilation
> using kjc means that your kaffe installation actually
> works for something non-trivial. Since kjc can take a
> while on older systems, kjc should be run in verbose
> mode when compiling Klasses.jar ;) Automatically using
> kjc also takes care of people using a broken version
> of jikes to compile kaffe.
> b) Reduce Klasses.jar in the CVS to a subset required
> to run kjc.
> c) Offer up-to-date Klasses.jar as separate download
> on kaffe.org, in different versions: "standard,
> optimized for speed, optimized for size"
> what do you think?
> best regards,
> dalibor topic
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