[kaffe] modifications in jcp

Enrico Donelli e.donelli at logicom.it
Mon Nov 4 04:50:03 PST 2002

Hello everybody,
first of all, my best compliments with yopur very good and important 
work. I really wish kaffe a bright future and I hope it will be more 
integrated in linux (and other free os as well!) operating system.

Probabbly the question is not very clever, but I read some articles on 
the net about the new JCP (Java Community Process, vers. 2.5, 
http://java.sun.com/features/2002/10/new_jcp.html) and didn't understand 
well what does it mean for the open source java projects.
Will this new document help a projecty like kaffe or it will be uninfluent?

Thanks a lot

Ing. Enrico Donelli
Gruppo Finmatica
Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE) n. 807101476503522

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