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Tue Nov 5 05:29:06 PST 2002

Ciao Enrico,

--- Enrico Donelli <e.donelli at logicom.it> wrote:
> Hello everybody,
> first of all, my best compliments with yopur very
> good and important 
> work. I really wish kaffe a bright future and I hope
> it will be more 
> integrated in linux (and other free os as well!)
> operating system.

thanks! Don't hesitate to become part of that bright
future and participate ;) Like most open source
projects, kaffe needs more bright people to help it

> Probabbly the question is not very clever, but I
> read some articles on 
> the net about the new JCP (Java Community Process,
> vers. 2.5, 
> http://java.sun.com/features/2002/10/new_jcp.html)
> and didn't understand 
> well what does it mean for the open source java
> projects.
> Will this new document help a projecty like kaffe or
> it will be uninfluent?

It helps clarify kaffe's legal position with respect
to bundling open source implementations of java
extensions with kaffe. Before the change, it was
legally murky, as it was not really clear whether one
was allowed to have open source implementations at

It could also help kaffe developers to find more bugs
in their own implementation by allowing easier access
to TCKs <technology compatibility kits, large test
suites> for JCP developed technologies, in principle.
I'm not sure if Sun's own TCK for JDK falls under
that, but I remember reading that Sun would let
qualified members of open source community have access
to a "scholarship", which means they could get access
to Sun's TCKs on Sun lead JCP proposals. Anyway, I am
busy enough fixing bugs in kaffe exposed by mauve, the
open source JDK compatibility kit ;)

It would also allow kaffe.org to take a lead on some
new JCP spec and have the reference implementation and
the compatibility kit published under a GPL compatible
license. Proposing new APIs hasn't been a focus of
this project so far, and I doubt it will ever be, but
it matters a lot for the Apache developers, for
example, as they are quite involved in the JCP process
with respect to servlets and similar beasts.

In general, I'd say that the changes in the JCP are
good for the open source community as a whole, but do
not have as much relevance for kaffe as for other

best regards,

dalibor topic

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