[kaffe] japitools, subMap, and html output

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Wed Nov 13 16:12:51 PST 2002

Hi Stuart,

--- Stuart Ballard <sballard at netreach.com> wrote:
> 2) The classpath results are linked from 
> http://rainbow.netreach.net/~sballard/japi/. I'm
> interested in feedback 
> on the look and feel of these pages. I know that
> Netscape 4.x has 
> trouble with the bar graph, although some tips on
> *why* it has trouble 
> would be useful. I know I need to add some &nbsp;s
> into the empty cells 
> for NS4's benefit also. It's untested in any other
> browser except for 
> Mozilla. I'm interested in general layout feedback
> as well as 
> browser-compatibility feedback, though. Another
> thing I'd like to know: 
> when I add a list of the actual errors, would it be
> better to add them 
> as straight text (eg a <ul><li> setup) or as a
> table? If a table, what 
> should the table layout be like? Should I apply any
> sorting to the 
> errors, and if so, what?

I'm really impressed how cool japitools has become.

It looks acceptable in w3m (text mode browser), but
the bars don't really look good. The tables are o.k.,
though. You might want to add some space between the

It doesn't look too good on lynx (another text mode
browser), but lynx has problems with tables anyway.

An alternative to using the spacer gif could be to use
colored empty table cells with ascii symbols in the
background color. That should work nicely on w3m and
the ascii symbols (a different one for each color, of
course) should work nicely on lynx, too. It will make
the web pages somewhat bigger, though. Check out
http://www.illuminated.co.uk/gif2html/ to see what I
mean. ;)

Also, the comparison document for jdk1.3 doesn't
appear to validate as HTML 3.2, according to
or any other HTML version I tried. You could try
running jtidy over your generated output and patching
the output method accordingy. That might explain some
of the browser rendering results.

As running a kaffe nightly job to generate a
kaffe.japi.gz file depends on getting TreeMap &
TreeSet from Classpath integrated into kaffe, and
Archie is o.k. with that approach, I'll give it a try
in the next couple of days and see how far I get.
Right now I'm trying to fix some build issues on
Mandrake 9 & Cygwin, and it looks promising. I'll get
to TreeMap/TreeSet afterwards.

best regards,

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