[kaffe] japitools, subMap, and html output

Archie Cobbs archie at dellroad.org
Wed Nov 13 14:26:27 PST 2002

Stuart Ballard wrote:
> 3) Apparently Classpath's TreeMap/TreeSet have a working implementation 
> of subMap/subSet. I don't know whether this is sufficient to get japize 
> to run, but if anyone's interested, it might be worth investigating 
> whether using Classpath's TreeMap and TreeSet implementations gives 
> Kaffe the ability to run japize - and if so, is there any reason not to 
> import those classes into Kaffe proper?

We should probably move to the Classpath collections stuff for the sake of
consistency (the same argument applies to lots of other classes too).

Our TreeMap will generate an unimplemented Error if called, so it should
be fairly obvious if that's what is causing an app to not work.

FYI, it may not work to just replace the one TreeMap class because of
inter-package dependencies.


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