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Thu Nov 14 09:07:23 PST 2002

Hi Stuart,

--- Stuart Ballard <sballard at netreach.com> wrote:
> Dalibor Topic wrote:
> > It looks acceptable in w3m (text mode browser),
> but
> > the bars don't really look good. The tables are
> o.k.,
> > though. You might want to add some space between
> the
> > columns.
> Yeah, I can imagine that rendering the bars in ascii
> mode would look a 
> bit funny. Do you know if there's any way to specify
> something in a 
> stylesheet (eg display:none on the whole "bar"
> table) that would apply 
> to w3m and other text-mode browsers only? Maybe an
> @media type...

I'm sorry, but I'm not familliar with the finer
details of CSS.

> > An alternative to using the spacer gif could be to
> use
> > colored empty table cells with ascii symbols in
> the
> > background color. That should work nicely on w3m
> and
> > the ascii symbols (a different one for each color,
> of
> > course) should work nicely on lynx, too. It will
> make
> > the web pages somewhat bigger, though. Check out
> > http://www.illuminated.co.uk/gif2html/ to see what
> I
> > mean. ;)
> Hmm... that's a really cool program and a nice idea
> in principle, but it 
> doesn't seem to be able to get down to single-pixel
> resolution. If we 
> could find a way to degrade to that kind of output
> for text-mode 
> browsers (and perhaps browsers with poor or missing
> CSS support) but 
> still give pixel-accurate results like the current
> ones are for 
> modern/graphical browsers, I'd be happy :) (my first
> thought, in fact, 
> was to use a "." character and just skip it if the
> cell was less than 
> 5px wide. Unfortunately, in japitools output it
> seems that cells less 
> than 5px wide are very common, so the results looked
> really funky in NS4.x).

How about using a transparent 1x1 spacer with the ALT
tag as a single ascii char in the background color?
But that reintroduces the spacer ...

Or you could use a table containing separate tables
with different width (presumably equal to
percentages), as in
http://www.pageresource.com/html/table5.htm, and
without &nbsps; in the table cells. So you'd have:

bar chart table with width 100 
  for each color:
  empty background coloured table with width equal to
that color's percentage

I believe one has to excecise great care with
parameters to get it to work reliably on older
browsers, but hey, if your stuff validates, it should
work ;)

> Specifying doctype 4.01 transitional gives more
> realistic errors. It 
> seems I closed a <th> when I meant to close a <tr>,
> and I need to put 
> 'alt=""' on each of my 1px images (hmm, I suppose I
> could put 
> alt="XXXXXXX" where the number of X's is
> dynamic...). I'll fix both of 
> these, and add a 4.01 transitional doctype, in the
> next day or two.

Cool. The more valid pages on the web, the better ;)
> > As running a kaffe nightly job to generate a
> > kaffe.japi.gz file depends on getting TreeMap &
> > TreeSet from Classpath integrated into kaffe, and
> > Archie is o.k. with that approach, I'll give it a
> try
> > in the next couple of days and see how far I get.
> > Right now I'm trying to fix some build issues on
> > Mandrake 9 & Cygwin, and it looks promising. I'll
> get
> > to TreeMap/TreeSet afterwards.
> Well, the "usual" way of generating a japi seems to
> currently be to run 
> japize with the JDK. But if you can get Kaffe to do
> it, that would make 
> me extremely happy :)

I'll try to get it to work soon.


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