Partially merging in Classpath's collections (Was: Re: [kaffe] japitools, subMap, and html output)

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Fri Nov 15 05:39:04 PST 2002

--- Dalibor Topic <robilad at> wrote:
> > > As running a kaffe nightly job to generate a
> > > kaffe.japi.gz file depends on getting TreeMap &
> > > TreeSet from Classpath integrated into kaffe,
> and
> > > Archie is o.k. with that approach, I'll give it
> a
> > try
> > > in the next couple of days and see how far I
> get.
> > > Right now I'm trying to fix some build issues on
> > > Mandrake 9 & Cygwin, and it looks promising.
> I'll
> > get
> > > to TreeMap/TreeSet afterwards.
> > 
> > Well, the "usual" way of generating a japi seems
> to
> > currently be to run 
> > japize with the JDK. But if you can get Kaffe to
> do
> > it, that would make 
> > me extremely happy :)
> I'll try to get it to work soon.

I got it to work by copying over files from Classpath
until everything compiled nicely. You should add
RandomAccess, and replace AbstractCollection,
AbstractSet, AbstractMap, Collections, HashMap,
TreeMap, TreeSet, and WeakHashMap from java.util.* to
get it to work.

Unfortunately, I get 4 regression test failures on
i386-linux, of which 3 look like simple ordering
issues, but the fourth is the MapTest apparently
hanging itself up somewhere, and running for a loong
time. I'll need to take a look at what's happening. 

I've started to go through the differences in
implementations of the classes I've mentioned above.
Classpath's implementation of Collections is more up
to date than kaffe's, so it will go in when I'm back
from my weekend trip. Probably the Abstract* classes
as well, as they fix a few small bugs kaffe's
implementation has, and adds a couple of missing
methods. In general, both implementations do the job
quite well, Classpath's is more tuned for speed, but
kaffe's has a few nice ideas I'd like to pass on to
classpath developers when I'm done reviewing the

best regards,

dalibor topic

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