[kaffe] Some patches to use jikes

Hervé Roussain roussain at univ-ubs.fr
Thu Nov 14 03:01:14 PST 2002


here I propose some patches to use jikes with the use of a configure option.

When you do:
	./configure --with-jikes
it looks for jikes with AC_CHECK_PROG

When you do:
	./configure --with-jikes=/path/to/jikes
it uses the wanted version of jikes (it sets JIKES variable to 
/path/to/jikes ...)

And of course when you don't use the option, it uses kjc.

Note that I give only diffs for the configure.in file, and if you think 
the patch is a good idea, you'll have to make a "sh 
developers/autogen.sh" before to put files on the cvs repository. As I'm 
not used to write such files, maybe it has to be changed...

I also change the rebuildLib.in file because it supposes in the end of 
the script that the JIKES variable is set when we use jikes, but the way 
to use jikes has changed since a few versions (the JAVAC variable is 
used). So it doesn't work...
And setting CLASSPATH to Klasses.jar.bootstrap doesn't work (at least 
with the jikes version I use: 1.12) because jikes looks only in the jar 
file to find java.lang classes.

To finish, a file (libraries/javalib/kaffe/util/local/Country_fr.java) 
doesn't compile with my jikes version because of a charset problem. This 
is only  a jikes 1.12 error. But, as it is the only place in all kaffe 
source that contains a such character, this is easy to modify.
Please note that I use this version of jikes because I encountered 
another problems with newer versions... (I'm not the only one, see 
I know I should 1.13 as written in FAQ.classlibrary-compile, but the 
1.12 is installed on my computer...

Question: is that bug (VerifyError: at pc 5 sp 7...) fixed with the last 
versions (1.17) ???


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