[kaffe] Some patches to use jikes

Dalibor Topic robilad at yahoo.com
Thu Nov 14 08:41:07 PST 2002

Hi Herve,

--- Hervé Roussain <roussain at univ-ubs.fr> wrote:
> Hi,
> here I propose some patches to use jikes with the
> use of a configure option.
> When you do:
> 	./configure --with-jikes
> it looks for jikes with AC_CHECK_PROG
> When you do:
> 	./configure --with-jikes=/path/to/jikes
> it uses the wanted version of jikes (it sets JIKES
> variable to 
> /path/to/jikes ...)
> And of course when you don't use the option, it uses
> kjc.

Sounds like a good idea to me. I believe you forgot to
attach the patch, though ;) Please send patches as
unified diffs (diff -u), since they are easier to
parse for humans ...

> I also change the rebuildLib.in file because it
> supposes in the end of 
> the script that the JIKES variable is set when we
> use jikes, but the way 
> to use jikes has changed since a few versions (the
> JAVAC variable is 
> used). So it doesn't work...

thanks for fixing that.

> To finish, a file
> (libraries/javalib/kaffe/util/local/Country_fr.java)
> doesn't compile with my jikes version because of a
> charset problem. This 
> is only  a jikes 1.12 error. But, as it is the only
> place in all kaffe 
> source that contains a such character, this is easy
> to modify.

Do you have a patch for that one as well?

> Please note that I use this version of jikes because
> I encountered 
> another problems with newer versions... (I'm not the
> only one, see 
> I know I should 1.13 as written in
> FAQ.classlibrary-compile, but the 
> 1.12 is installed on my computer...
> Question: is that bug (VerifyError: at pc 5 sp 7...)
> fixed with the last 
> versions (1.17) ???

I didn't try out 1.17 yet, I'll do so tonight and post
some results.

best regards,

dalibor topic

p.s. could you post a patch for the problem in
libraries/javalib/Makefile.am you found in

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