[kaffe] Replacing Klasses_jar_SRCS and friends

Dalibor Topic robilad at yahoo.com
Thu Nov 21 10:48:05 PST 2002


currently it's somewhat cumbersome to add new files to
the class library. One has to:
a) add the files to the directories
b) manually add the files to
c) run developers/autogen.sh

Then, when running make, the list of files in
Klasses_jar_SRCS and friends is expanded and passed on
to the compiler.

This setup requires that class library developers have
a working combination of auto* tools installed. I
believe we could have a somewhat simpler setup by
using the @file feature supported in kjc, jikes, gcj &
javac. The command 
kjc @some-file
makes kjc read the list of files to compile from
some-file. We could use 
find some-package-dir -name "*.java"
to generate the lists of files to compile on the fly.
This setup is similar to what ant does, as far as I
know. Or we could pregenerate these lists in files,
similar to what the update-classl-list script does

As an additional benefit, the command line length
limit of the shell used to build kaffe would no longer
really matter for class library compilation.

I'm interested in your comments,

dalibor topic

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