[kaffe] Qt based AWT implementation linking errors

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Thu Nov 28 06:35:20 PST 2002

Hi Sanjeev,

--- Sanjeev Manral <sanjeevm at sanyo.co.in> wrote:
> 	But when I compile it with qt which is build using
> --shared no
> libqte.a is created ,only libqte.so is created.

Yes, that's the way the Qt build scripts work. If you
want a static version of Qt you have to configure and
compile it with the static option, or whatever it's
> 	Are you able to build caffe and qt both as shared?

I am using a libqt-developer rpm for my distribution.
It only has shared versions of the libs. I've also
compiled qt-embedded as shared, but couldn't test qt-e
properly since my graphics chip has problems with the
framebuffer, and I couldn't get qvfb built.
Nevertheless, everything compiled o.k. 

so yes, I'm able to build kaffe as shared linking to a
shared qt library. My configure line is
./configure --enable-debug --with-awt=qt

> 	Or you are building kaffe and qt both static

I haven't tried building them as static. But if you
need/want to use a statically linked kaffe with qt,
you'd have to build them both as static, I guess. Or
read FAQ/FAQ.libtool for hints how to link a static
kaffe to dynamic libraries.
> 	when I treid to build both as shared. kaffe asked 
> for libqte.a
> which is not there because qt is built as  shared.
> 	Do I need to build qt without threads and
> both(kaffe and qt) static?

I assume that you were building with
--with-static/vm/lib like the  configure line you sent
in the first mail . That might explain why kaffe
wanted to see libqte.a. I'm not really sure how the
various staticness switches interact with each other.

Thread support should not matter. I'm using libqt-mt
without problems (beside bugs, of course ;).

best regards,

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