[kaffe] Kaffe Documentation / JIT for VLIW

Svante Arvedal svaar968 at student.liu.se
Fri Nov 29 02:55:36 PST 2002

Hi Gerlando,
I have recently ported the Kaffe jit3 engine to the VLIW architecture IA-64 as a master's thesis; so yes it is possible, even though I wasn't able to completely finish it. The jit framework was not constructed for VLIW architectures so I've done some workaround solutions. If Kaffe is to be ported to a number of VLIW architectures someone should make the jit compiler framework more general to faciliate this.
I've not yet made my code available but that's only a matter of time. I guess it will help you a great deal.
What processor are you porting to?

Best regards

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