[kaffe] Cleaner, Better MIPS/Linux Patch against 1.0.7, and issues with CVS tree

Patrick Tullmann tullmann at cs.utah.edu
Tue Oct 1 10:56:51 PDT 2002

Kevin wrote:
> Alas, while the resulting kaffe builds and executes a lot of code,
> there are more, not fewer failures for the JIT regression tests, and
> even the interpretive build fails quite a few (12 out of 117)

The interpreter seems to have a problem with catch ranges.  See:
(and some of the eariler mails).  If you could try the fix in that
patch and see if it improves the interpreter, that would be great.

I haven't checked that change in yet, because I still don't understand
why things ever worked...

If you can run the 'developers/FullTest.sh' script on your tree, that
would be great.  (It might not work if you're cross compiling
or don't have a big pile of disk space, though.)

> Given the good behavior of the patched 1.0.7 tree, I would encourage
> checking the enclosed patches into the CVS archive.

I think Kevin's changes should go in.


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