[kaffe] Debugging Tools for the VM

Patrick Tullmann tullmann at cs.utah.edu
Mon Oct 7 23:37:38 PDT 2002

> I am realativly new to this, so I'd like to ask If someone could direct me to 
> some resources on debugging the VM, i.e. how can I trace the program flow of 
> the Basic Java Classes, such as java.lang.System or java.lang.Object. 

In addition to FAQ.debugging, you should look at FAQ.xdebugging which
lets use see Java method names in C stack traces in GDB.  You might
also look at the various macros in developers/gdbinit.  In particular
'pobject' is probably useful.

> How can I handle the methods that are written in C (the native ones)
> or how can I find out where exactly an "Internal Exeption" (i.e. one
> cast by the VM) is thrown or how can I set a breakpoint in the Java
> code, while still stepping through the VM's code.

Configure with --enable-debug.  Then run with '-vmdebug ELOOKUP' to
see when exceptions are thrown and where they're caught.

Hope this helps,


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