[kaffe] superh port

Kevin D. Kissell kevink at mips.com
Fri Oct 11 03:06:45 PDT 2002

> Thank you for your reply, dalibor.
> I have investigated javaVM with JIT on superh architechure.
> And I tried pocketlinux's kaffe, but didn't work fine.
> Does JIT works on superh?

There is certainly no JIT support in the standard distributions
or CVS of kaffe.  Someone on the "outside" may have done
one that was never checked-in, I suppose.  The architectures
with current JIT support are ARM, x86, 68K, MIPS, and Sparc.
Mind you, that doesn't necessarily mean that all of those
actually *work* on a given day ;-).

Provides a readable description of what you'd
have to do to get JIT support working for a
new architecture such as SH.  Given that, and
the existence of other RISC examples (ARM, MIPS),
it should be possible, if not exactly easy, to do a port.  


            Kevin K.

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