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Fri Oct 11 07:35:31 PDT 2002

Hi Katsuaki,

--- "Katsuaki.Sugiyama"
<Katsuaki.Sugiyama at jp.yokogawa.com> wrote:
> Thank you for your reply, dalibor.
> I have investigated javaVM with JIT on superh
> architechure.
> And I tried pocketlinux's kaffe, but didn't work
> fine.
> Does JIT works on superh?

Currently only interpreter works on superh. It is a
partial merge from the sources from pocketlinux
performed by Kiyo Inaba (thanks, Kiyo!). 

The pocketlinux sources include a superh jit and a
superh jit3 implementation, which I would like to see
merged into kaffe.org sources. If you are interested
in doing the remaining merging work, get in touch with
Kiyo to see what's missing and please keep the mailing
list informed.

best regards,

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