[Kaffe] Compiling Kaffe without gcc?

Jose M. Gomez ilinsar at jazzfree.com
Fri Oct 11 14:08:12 PDT 2002

Hi everyone,

Before launching my questions I'd like to thank and congratulate everyone 
involved in Kaffe. Great work!

Now, the inevitable questions. I've just started working on making a port of 
Kaffe to Minix. Yes, I'm afraid it is Minix. It is for my last year's project 
in the university and is a first approximation for a port to DSP processors. 
Anyway, moving the source tree to Minix and running configure to start seeing 
what would it scream for, there was a message saying that kaffe cannot build 
without gcc. Looking in the mailing list archives I've found some references 
to compiling Kaffe in VC and Borland C, but I don't know to which extent that 
works and they were from the 98 or 99. So, I'd like to know why/what is 
specific to gcc or is likely to give severe problems if tried to compile with 
an ANSI C compiler, like the one Minix has and not only because of Minix, but 
because the C compiler in the TI development environment is not gcc either. 
Positive references of compiling Kaffe without gcc, specially on embedded 
systems, are more than welcomed for raising my morale and giving me some 
peace of mind :). 

By the way, a suggestion after browsing all the mailing list archives. 
Unfortunately I don't have a clue about this, but would it be possible to get 
some kind of searching mechanism working? 

Thanks in advance for your help.

Jose M. Gomez

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