[kaffe] Probably NOT a bug -- but what??

Edward J. King king at biology.utah.edu
Mon Oct 14 09:10:44 PDT 2002

I have kaffe 1.0.6-6, obtained with my RedHat Linux, version 7.2.

I keep my RedHat installation fully current, and have installed no 
*software, other than the rpm updates called for by RedHat, since the 
initial installation of RH7.2 and its accompanying servers, applications 
and utilities, etc.

I have a teaching Website that offers a Java chat facility called Ewgie. 
*Ewgie was installed when RH7.2 was installed, and has run well now, for 
nearly a year (and has run for several more years on earlier RH 
versions). But in the last two weeks or so, Ewgie fails when anyone 
attempts to use it.

The chat facility page is displayed normally, and a user is able to 
'enter' the chat facility, but within a few seconds sees this message: 
"The server has closed its connection."

If I am watching the terminal window where I started Ewgie, I see: 
"Kaffe: exception.c:372: dispatchException: Assertion '!intsDisabled()' 
failed." Kaffe/Ewgie disappears from the list of running processes.

I don't have the background necessary to interpret what any of this 
might mean, and no local technical help is available. If anyone could 
point me in the general direction of a solution, I'd greatly appreciate it.

Thank you,

Ed King
king at biology.utah.edu

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