[kaffe] long long type

Jose M. Gomez ilinsar at jazzfree.com
Mon Oct 21 08:22:18 PDT 2002


Thanks to Kevin, Dalibor and Ronald for answering so quick. You've been 
incredibly helpful. 

> I think there is a 64 bit type on MINIX, used for disk
> access, called u64_t. The bad thing is that all
> arithmetic operations are apprently carried out via
> function calls, so you might have to code a few macros
> to get it right on all platforms.
> See
> http://www.cs.vu.nl/pub/minix/2.0.3/wwwman/man3/int64.3.html

Thanks for the information. It seems like this is not included in Minix 
2.0.0,  which is the one I'm working with because for some reason I cannot 
get the 2.0.3 to run in Bochs. Well, thank you again.

Best regards,

Jose M. Gomez

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